Monday, April 5, 2010

Right to Education

I think in this decade our educational system is in good hand of Kapil Sibal. Right to education act bill has been passed in the parliament and it is yet to be implemented all over India. Just watched an interview of Kapil Sibal in NDTV. I am impressed by his ideas, visions and willingness to change our old educational system. Here is the link, which is worth watching.

Here is link about the act "Right to education".

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mac highly practical

Recently I have switched to Mac. Never thought of switching to Mac from Windows. At office for my scientific work I use Linux mainly Suse Linux. But for mailing chatting blogging surfing photo editing writing making presentation etc etc I was using windows but not anymore. After using Mac for last 2 month I think I have wasted my energy time and money on Windows for last 10 years. What a crap? Most of the time I was fighting to settle things in my Windows laptop like wifi, standby, freezing, 100% cpu, virus etc. Now I think how much time I have spent on watching my XP is booting. Small example I have not switched off my Mac for last 17days. It shows I have up time of 17days ?? hours ?? mins. Now-a-days I am used to of keeping my unfinished work open in my desktop, keep my mail, chat, browser windows open. This year I am teaching a lot, so I am also keeping all my presentations open. Most enjoyable thing is I am getting a terminal like linux and got connected to the office without stating ssh client/xming or cygwin. Thanks to some extra ordinary happening (not exposing in public) which inspired me to get a mac.
There are few drawbacks I should speak out. There are few programs which are not available in Mac version or very costly. There are some solutions to this, e.g. partitioning the Mac and having a Widows partition or virtualization. But I am happy without any Windows and want to stay seamless and happy.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome

Today google launched their own web browser, Chrome. I was trying to get it from the morning because I am a big fan of google based softwares. At last I got it in the evening. I downloaded it and install it. My very first impression is great. It looks very nice and clean. Thanks to the designer for such a simplicity. I do not know how it will perform for all type of application. It is matter of time to test and experience the new technology. Hope it will be the browser of future.

Few things are not that good yet. I was trying to install google toolbar because it is very useful. But still google has it for IE and firefox, as if google is not responsible for some new browser they have invented. Anyway hope they will realize it soon and come up with a solution. Another thing I do not like, there is no file open button some where in the browser. To open a file you have to do crtl o or type in the address bar. What will happen for the for the clickers !!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Germany won yesterday's semi-final match against Turkey. It was not like that they played well but they won. It is a myth by now Germany plays bad but wins. The main story I want to right now is something else. For first time I have witnessed so much of technical failure in Germany. Everything was ok, the match started in time, I was watching alone in our apartment. Initially Germany was playing very bad, first 20 minutes was miserably bad. Turkey scored the 1st goal. After that in 4 minutes Germany scored and it become 1-1. Then suddenly the picture in the television was gone. Few minutes later they were broadcasting radio on TV. So it was listening football in German on a TV. What a feeling. After some time picture came back. So I settled down again. But it happened again. My GOD!!!. Lucky this time, it was only for 2 minutes. Germany scored another one. This time the picture was transmitted from Basel not from Vienna. Because they said that there were continuous power failures in Vienna, so they changed their origin of receiving the signal. But this is not the end of the story. Bummer is still to come. After Germany was leading by 2-1 there was a power failure in our part of the city and was for more than 30minutes. In 8 year this was the only time I have seen power cut for such a long time. I got crazy this time. I started thinking what to do. My mobile has a radio and my car has one also. But to operate the radio in my mobile I need my headset, which was in the car. The car was in the garage in our next building. I was too lazy to go out and listen football in German. So I came out to our balcony and started hearing people. It was also not bad. Just by listening to neighbours reaction I get to know Germany won!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Euro 2008

Now-a-days it is festival time in Germany. Football fans are on the street. Europe's most favorite entertainer football is on the field. In generally Europe has mainly four seasons, summer, winter, autumn and spring. But every two years one more season adds up to this list which is football season. I am here for last 8 years. I love this season because everybody is happy during this time. Happy smiling faces are making my day. As an Indian I was not a big fan of the game, but the environment here changed me to become a big fan of the game. It is not like that I support some specific team, but I like to watch the games. If it is a good game I go for a sleep with full of satisfaction. This time Euro cup has been evolved differently. Favorite teams are out. Russia, Turkey and Spain are in Semifinal. Germany was not completely unpredicted to be in Semifinal. Let’s see what is going to happen. The most unpredictable show will be the final between Russian and Turkey. But who knows. Last time Greece won the trophy and showed the spirit of the team game. May be this time Turkey will show that. Turkey is going to play against Germany. In Germany there are millions of Turkish people living. Turkey team is also having players who born in Germany and played for German clubs. So they know the inside of the German team. Anyway, my favorite is Germany. I will be happy to see them win. Many of the Indians do not like German team, I do not know why. I like them because of their speed and determination. They play a positive football. This team reflects the nation. I am looking forward to last three matches.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barcelona Trip

We went to Barcelona for 5 days. It was a great experience. Barcelona is vibrant city with nice people. We enjoyed a lot, relaxed a bit on the sea side, walked in the Ramblas and ate Tapas. Just fantastic. European city with a touch of G├╝ell. A man gave the city a new identity. After Paris this is one the city I want to go again and again. I put some pictures in my flick album.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Career in Germany

Germany is a land of intellectuals. From the history of science, arts and culture it is evident that people of Germany invested their time and money in the betterment of their society. Therefore, after the complete demolition of 2nd world war they are well able to keep themselves as one of the main contributor to the world economy because of there excellence in science and technology.

Now the question arises weather this country could offer you a better education to cope with your career building in this new age of global competition, where Indian and Chinese professional are flooding to capture most of the jobs.

To get the question answered we need to know the style of the German education system briefly. After crossing the school level a student can chose to go for a university or a vocational course which includes all type engineering skills. Whereas the universities they only offer you education on basic sciences and arts. There are very few technical universities where one get an advanced education on engineering subjects. Here is the drawback of the systems. Medium students who all visit a vocational school never able to get an advance level training and become labors instead of masters. Only the university graduates who are very few in numbers are able to become good professionals. This is one of reason why Germans are importing high skill professional instead of making them at home.

So before you think about carrying out career here you should go for a university education which is good and up to the world standard. Language is one of the obstacles here, but as soon as you spend some time on it you could be master of it, because this is a very scientific language. Having a German degree from German university and good knowledge of English and German will give you a good start up in choosing a good career in this country.

Now the idea of global career, will it be possible from here? Theoretically it is possible. Because German companies are the world leaders, so if you start up here you can end up to the global market. But in practice due to the conservative society and the strategies it may take a while to be in a good position.